Nine Inch Nails (Almost)

A few days ago I has hanging out with my second favorite niece (this is a term of endearment) and she was asking me how to grow long nails. #2 niece was graced with brains, beauty, natural talent, long graceful fingers but short stubby nails. I shared some of my advice with her and decided it would make a great blog post.  In this post I am going to share with you tried and true methods to grow wicked long natural nails.  Yes the pictures are of my natural nails.


  1. You need great genetics.  Sorry to disappoint you ladies but a major part of having long strong nails is genetics. I am thankful to mother  who passed on the long nails gene to me. Heck I got my fathers big manly feet, thankfully I got my mother’s long graceful hands and nails but I can’t complain, my father always said people with big feet make better lovers.  Weren’t blessed with good genes? Don’t hate on your mother, at least you didn’t get your dads giant feet or Aunt Hazels big butt.  Below are some of the things I do that make my nails grow even longer and faster.
  2. Eat right – Ya you heard me, I know you don’t like it but you need to eat your green vegetables. I noticed a huge growth spurt when I started eating broccoli and spinach on a regular bases. A very notable difference. My nails were longer stronger and had fewer ridges and white spots. Or perhaps I lost weight and my fingers just looked longer and skinnier. Nope luckily my hands are the one place I haven’t gained weight over the years.  Along with eating right increase your water intake and cut back on the soda and fake sugar drinks, these are full of chemicals and week splitting nails and dry brittle hair are the first signs of poor nutrition.
  3. Exercise your fingers – Sounds silly I know but you need to get the blood flowing to those nail beds.  When I started teaching I started doing a lot more typing as I typed up all my lecture notes and lesson plans. It seems that I have to trim my nails back about every two weeks otherwise they get caught in the keys as I type. If you can’t type, learn, or play the piano,  or start tapping your fingers everywhere, just don’t do it around me as it can be very annoying.
  4. Get pregnant- Ok you may not want to go this far to have nice nails but you might want to try taking a daily prenatal vitamin. Nothing fancy just some generic store brand will do.  Many pregnant women notice a huge increase in hair and nail growth and attribute it to the prenatal vitamins. They are also probably avoiding bad foods and eating more spinach and broccoli.

Things that damage your nails so stop doing it!

  1. Taking care of your nails – Yup you read that right, stop taking care of your nails and fretting over them and they will grow.  People tend to over file their nails and this can cause flacking, splitting and eventually breaking. I can almost guarantee that when I get bored and decide to really file and shape my nails they will all break within about two weeks. If a nail breaks or chips, I clip it to a basic shape and give it a quick smoothing file in about 5 seconds, nothing major.
  2. Spending money on expensive wraps, polishes, manicures, or fake nails. – All of these things actually weaken your nails so stop doing them.  Even if it says special strengthen polish, have you ever read the ingredients? What about the nail polish remover?  Save your money and use it to buy some broccoli or better yet send it to me so I can buy broccoli.  If you want your nails to look nice keep them clean and try using a buffer, this gives a nice gloss to your nails and helps increase blood flow.  I use a simple buffer I got from Revlon a million years ago for about $5
  3. Clean your house with bare hands – Have you ever read the warning labels on the back of cleaning products? Don’t do it or you may never clean your house again. Hmm, sounds like a good excuse not to clean. If you use any type of chemicals even natural products to clean your house wear rubber gloves to protect your skin. Those chemicals will sap the strength out of your nails before you can smack a toad. I never personally tried to smack a toad but I assume you have to be very quick.  I good trick for taking care of your hands is to cover them with you greasiest hand cream or Vaseline then put the gloves on, when you are done cleaning your hands will be nice and soft.

So these are my tips for growing long healthy nails.  Good luck to you!

P.S. this is my first blog with pictures!


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