Grand Adventures with Rodney

Since this blog is brand new I haven’t had a chance to introduce anyone to Rodney the Hairy Eared Traveling Rhino.

Rodney is an adventurer and likes to explore and travel to exotic places like Eureka CA and Seligman AZ.  Because he has trouble getting around by himself he often takes along his two favorite traveling companions Chris and Jule.  How we all met is a story for another time. This blog is about a recent grand adventure we all took to the Grand Canyon.
We have talked a lot about visiting the Grand Canyon since none of us have ever been. It is strange since it is so close to where we live (about a 6 hour drive) yet we just never bothered to go. Since we met Rodney, Chris and I have decided that we needed to have more adventures even if they are just for the day. We need to stop sitting around the house thinking about things we should have done when we were younger and just go out and do them while we still can.ule.  How we all met is a story for another time. This blog is about a recent grand adventure we all took to the Grand Canyon.

Last week I got some good news from HR that I had miscalculated my vacation days and actually had one left but I had to use it by the end of June or lose it. Wow what luck, but what to do with it??? I came home and told Chris and we both decided to take advantage of it and it was time to run off to the Grand Canyon. Rodney was hoping for something a bit more exotic like the Calico ghost town in CA but he gave in.  Chris recently was in a fender bender with my car and we had a nice comfortable rental car with working air conditioning so we decided to take advantage of it.

Chris is off this summer so Rodney and I put him in charge of planning the trip. This was done for a couple of reasons:  Rodney has trouble using the mouse and typing on a keyboard with his less-than-prehensile Rhino feet and Chris, being weird and always looking for novel places to see, likes to map out all the strange back roads instead of using the main highways and using GPS.  I like to play it by ear and just randomly do things that we find interesting; and we do find some cool things we never would have thought of by taking back roads. None of us likes hard schedules and itineraries, we like to take it easy explore and get there when we get there. Since no one was waiting for us this was easy to do.  Besides isn’t life supposed to be about the journey and not the destination?  This trip so ended up being about the journey!

Before we left I mentioned the trip to some co-monkeys and they shared some interesting things to see and do while on our trip. I took some time to look them up and sent links to Chris and Rodney to investigate. When I got home and walked through the door this was the conversation:

Jule:  “ Did you get my email?”

Chris:  “It’s all taken care of.”

Jule:  “But did you check out the links?”

Chris:  “It’s all taken care of.”

Jule:  “But did you book the train?”

Rodney:  (Quietly in the corner) “Train? What Train? Nobody said anything about a train!”

Chris:  “It’s all taken care of.”

Jule:  “ but, but…”

Chris: ” It’s all taken care of. You just need to pack a bag, get in the car, and look beautiful.” In the corner Rodney just sat with a big smile on his face. I looked at Chris and new he had planned something wonderful and it was all taken care of. “

Tune in tomorrow for the next installment of the Grand Adventure which will include exciting links, color pictures, and a marine or two.


Rodney’s Grand Adventure Part 1 

Rodney’s Grand Adventure Part 2 

Rodney’s Grand Adventure Part 3 

Rodney’s Grand Adventure Part 4 

Rodney’s Grand Adventure Part 5 


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