Rodney’s Grand Adventure Part 2

I woke up early today (Friday June 29th) excited about our trip, I couldn’t wait to get started. I was rushing around trying to get everything packed, ready, cleaned up, cats fed, and doors locked. Checked to make sure the stove wasn’t on: Nope not on. Why I checked I don’t know since I hadn’t cooked anything in a while but you never know. I was hoping to get out of the house about 8am. Chris slowly woke up, wondered to the kitchen made a light breakfast, drank some coffee, read his email. Rodney waited patiently by the door. Chris asked me what the rush was since we had all day to get there, I stopped and realized he was right, this was that mythical thing, a vacation! Why was I stressing out and rushing around?  So I sat down and played some games on facebook and read some emails.

Monkey Cat Dot begging Papa not to leave

Ditto is posing for the new camera I bought for the trip since my last one ended up missing.

At about 9am Rodney was tapping his feet impatiently, which is a little odd to listen to since they are of the plush variety, so we threw are bags in the car and headed out. Just look  at the expression of excitement on Rodney’s face as we head out!

We decided to take the back scenic route along the 29 Palms highway then on through Amboy. While driving past the Morongo Indian Reservation we saw a marine jogging down the side road carrying an American Flag. We turned around to see what it was all about. Following the Marine was a van full of nice looking young marines; hey, I know I am married but I can still appreciate a good looking man serving our country.  They explained that they were running from Camp Pendleton to 29 Palms to raise money for a friend who was injured in Afghanistan.  For those not familiar with Cali the total distance is 160 miles and they completed it in just over 16 hours. These are truly amazing men as are all of the men and women in the military. I just want to take a moment and write a thank you! To read more about the cause these nice (and fit!) young men were running for visit:  or to donate visit their website:

Shortly after, we entered Joshua Tree. Here is a picture of Rodney as we are about to go up on of the steepest hills on a major highway. I don’t know if it is really one of the steepest hills but that is what Chris said and he is pretty smart.

Eventually we made it to Amboy. Amboy  used to be a major stop on Route 66 but now it consists mainly of Roy’s Motel and Café (way over priced gas!) and a shoe tree . I have heard of these mythical plants but have never seen one. Sadly the shoe tree has fallen over and is near death. Darn! I was hoping for a new pair of Milanos. Luckily, through cross pollination, we noticed that a bra/underwear tree was blooming nearby. Chris really liked that but was a little disappointed that no “fruit” was being added when we stopped to check it out.

Amboy, CA Shoe Tree

Rodney looking for a pair of green neon high tops in his size.

Chris as Indiana Jones and the Adventures of the Shoe Bridge.

Next Stop Kingman!







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