Rodney’s Grand Adventure Part 3

We reached Kingman not to long after Amboy.  We decided to stop and visit one of their many quaint museums. As soon as we got out of the car we were smacked in the face with some incredibly hot, dry heat.  I could feel the moisture being sucked out of my skin. We quickly ducked into The Mohave Museum of History and Arts and were greeted by a very friendly docent. It was a nice small museum. Did you know Andy Devine was born in Kingman? Neither did I, I also didn’t know who Andy Devine was.  I enjoyed reading about the local history and seeing some of the authentic clothing from past residents. You can take a virtual tour on their website, insidde were it is nice and safe with air conditioning.

Soaking up all that history, local culture, sure built up an appetite. We were hungrier than a woodpecker with a headache.  We decided to stop for lunch at the Redneck Southern Pit BBQ .  Boy, are we happy we did! When we got out of the car

Chris pausing for a second with Rodney sipping on his Gin and Juice (Mt. Dew)

we were almost knocked on our buts by the extreme dry heat from the Arizona desert, but then we detected this amazing smell of cooked meat.  Just like Pavlov’s dogs we started drooling and headed for the source of that amazing smell. We walked in and were greeted by Richard who told us what the specials were and even offered some advice on what to get.  I had the pulled pork, potato casserole, baked beans, and corn bread. Chris had the Andouille sausage with cole-slaw and Mac-n’cheese. Rodney decided he needed some caffeine and would just share with us.  I just have to say you gotta love a restaurant that has an entire roll of paper towels at each table!  The pulled pork was so good it didn’t even need sauce. I must say it was the best I have ever had. I am drooling as I type this and am thinking that I need another road trip.  The entire staff was very friendly; here is a picture of the owner with Rodney. Total cost of lunch – $16.61 Not a bad deal!

With full bellies we were soon back on the road.   Tune in tomorrow as we explore the mysterious caverns, the Pixar movie Cars, and finally arrive at our destination.

Just to make you drool some more here are the pictures from Redneck BBQ. If you stop in make sure to tell

them Rodney sent you.

Pulled Pork, potato cheese casserole, baked beans, corn bread with honey cinnamon butter. Mmmm, Mmmm, so worth it!

The owner of Redneck BBQ and Rodney discuss the global effects of Obama care and the need for a national pulled pork plan.

Andouille sausage sandwich, coleslaw, macaroni salad. Chris ate this so fast I hardly had time to take the picture.


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