Rodney’s Grand Adventure Part 4

I am amazed at how much you can do and experience when you step away from the computer or the TV. I am only halfway through the first day. During the trip we met, talked to, and experienced so many great people and great things, I just can’t seem to write everything down. I felt like the trip was

actually a week long and not just 3 days.  There is something so peaceful and beautiful about the desert. I love the colors and being able to see for miles.  Breathtaking.

During the drive I happened to see the receipt and how much Chris paid for the entire trip and for a moment I was a bit upset. Then I remember some words of wisdom from one of my closest (and wisest) friends Dea: “Bills will always be there but the Grand Canyon may not. “  Now you may laugh

but some place I had always wanted to go was New Orleans. I had an opportunity to go in 2004 but I was worried about money and decided to go the following year. In 2005 Katrina hit. So my advice to you is to stop procrastinating. Stop waiting: Get off your butt, pack a bag, and go experience this great country of ours!

We love taking back roads because you see things you wouldn’t normally see and you meet people you wouldn’t normally meet. There is far less traffic and the pace is much more relaxing. During our drive we saw hawks, prairie dogs, and even an eagle. We also came across the Grand Canyon Caverns.  Outside the caverns it looks a little scary: broken signs and a run-down looking motel. I am sure at the height of route 66 this was “the” place to stay but it didn’t look like too many people visited the area now. We decided to follow the signs and drive down the partially paved road and we are so very glad we did!

We thought that the tour was a bit pricey at $16.95 a person but it was vacation and Chris loves to explore caves. We found out this was a “dead” cave meaning that there was presently no water and it had stopped growing several tens of thousands of years ago. It was still pretty amazing though. Our tour guide, Stephanie, was wonderful; she answered all of our questions, shared great facts and history and all with bits of witty humor. Tours are only about 45 minutes but ours lasted an hour and a half. It felt like we received a personal tour since it was just us and another family of 5 people. Stephanie kept us entertained the entire time.

The highlight was when we found out you could rent the cave for a night! In the middle of the cave is a platform with basically a hotel suite in it. How cool is that? Chris is so excited he started making plans for a

Rodney and Chris hanging in the Cave Hotel room.

boys getaway to explore the caves then spend the night playing Dungeons and Dragons in a real live (ok, dead) cave! Of course it would have to be a cave “adventure”. I love my nerd of a husband; he and Rodney were hopping around like 5 year olds at the thought.  The tour ended with some great music and a laser light show reflected off of the cave ceiling. It was amazing.  I regret that we didn’t know about the Supai Falls but that requires hiking and/or a helicopter ride; perhaps next time!

A few miles down the road from the caverns is the town of Seligman. The template for town of “Radiator Springs” in the movie “Cars”. It is a wonderful sleepy little down.  Classic cars, signs, and memorabilia from the glory days of Route 66 abound throughout the town. Sadly we arrived at about 6pm and just about everything was closed down. We were looking forward to stopping at the Snow Cap Drive-In for some ice cream but, sadly, there were closed. We were disappointed as we had heard great things about the place. But just walking through the town was a great experience. Rodney was very excited at the chance to ride a vintage motorcycle. Unfortunately he forgot to pack his helmet so he just got to sit on it (Rodney doesn’t know Arizona doesn’t have a helmet law, and we were not about to tell him because we didn’t think the owners would appreciate a Rhinoceros taking their bike on a little motorcycle joyride!).  So he will just have to wait for some other day to feel the wind in his hairy ears.

Below are pictures from Seligman. Finally there is even a picture of me!

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One thought on “Rodney’s Grand Adventure Part 4

  1. I do hope you get to visit New Orleans; it is one of my favorite cities. The others are; San Francisco and Munich.
    Chris’s cave overnight stay sound like a great adventure.
    I was in Seligman in 2007 when I went cross country with my trailer and Prince. It was a great little American town.

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