Rodney’s Grand Adventure Part 5

Funny, it is taking me longer to write this blog than it did to actually take the trip. Our trip was a total of 3 days, Friday morning to Sunday early evening. But ! I feel that we said, experienced, and did so much in that time. I think a big part of it was that we were not connected to our computers or watching TV. SO many times I come home from work and go straight to my computer to catch up on Facebook, check emails, read blogs, find tons of cool things on Pinterest. Then I look at the time and realize the night is gone.  I did take my phone and Ipad on the trip with me. The phone mainly because of the GPS, the ability to call in case of emergency and this cool app called Trip Advisor.  I brought my Ipad along so that I could type up notes about the trip as we drove.  That didn’t work out to well since I was busy looking at the scenery, reading Burma-Shave signs and enjoying my time with my favorite husband.

Commercial Break – I love the app Trip Advisor, the best part is: that it is Free! While we are traveling I use it to check for interesting attractions and restaurants that are nearby. We have found some pretty cool things such as Cave Paintings on the way to Northern California, Nit Wit Ridge, and a Woolworth’s museum/café with an original lunch counter . It has its quirks but you can’t complain for the price. For those that don’t have a smart phone you can still access the program by clicking the link. 

We arrived at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel in Williams about 7:30pm got checked in and headed up to our room. Their lobby is pictured above. We reserved the hotel as a package deal through AAA. Below is a breakdown of what we got and the price.

  • Standard Room with 2 queen beds 2 nights
  • $20 Retail Gift Certificates ($40 total)
  • Friday, Dinner Buffet
  • Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Buffet
  • Luxury Train- Luxury Parlor Car (Round Trip)
  • South Rim Motor Coach Tour

The total cost was $867.34

Yeah I know I said the same thing when I saw that, lucky for Chris I saw it after it was too late.  But I have to say, we will probably never take the trip again, mainly because there are so many other cool places to go. We also haven’t taken any real vacations in over 2 years.  And for goodness sakes – I am worth it!  I would do it again in a second but I would change a few things (see below).

Hotel Room – The hotel room was fine, just your generic room. We didn’t have a great view but, then again, we were 65 miles from the Grand Canyon, and beside that I usually keep the curtains closed so no weirdo’s get turned on by seeing me in my sexy granny panties. Chris did say he heard an elk “bugle” at dusk though when he went out to move the car and get the rest of our things. The bed was a bit hard. I have stayed in better rooms but I have also stayed in rooms which were much, much, worse.  The people were friendly and courteous and the room was clean, that was my main concern.  This picture is not our actual hotel room it is from the hotels web site but it looked just like this except not as nice a view.

Meals- By the time we settled in it was a little after 8pm. After asking, we discovered the dinner buffet closed at 9, so we headed out for a meal. Rodney was tired from all the excitement and stayed in the room hoping to watch some free HBO.  I have to say I was not impressed by the food. I understand it was the end of the night and most of the food had been sitting in warming trays for a bit. It was food and we were hungry and tired.  Sadly the meals did not improve any over the next few days. It was basic bland cafeteria food. Not bad, just nothing to write home about which may be why I am putting it in a blog instead. As I said, the restaurant was a large cafeteria and you had to walk through the gift shop to get there.  I can just see little kids suddenly seeing some overpriced tchotchke (yes that is spelled right! Google it if you don’t believe me) that they just have to have. The place was fine if you have a large family to feed and you want the convenience of not having to think/debate over where to eat but if I did it again I would not include the meals. I don’t know how much that would save but I bet we would have gotten better food and better prices in the local town. The dinner ticket had a price of $20 (each) and breakfast was $10. Sorry, I don’t remember what lunch was.  The town’s, Williams, main drag was just across the street and it would have been nice to see the sites, mingle with some other tourists, and get some decent food.  The picture below is from breakfast Saturday Morning, Rodney looks a bit hung over. I hope he didn’t raid the mini-bar.

When we got back Rodney was sound asleep, he was so cute since he snores and drools a little. I wish I would have gotten a picture but I had left the camera in the car.  Chris and I decided not to disturb him and headed down to the pool and spa area on the first floor.  I finally got to wear the new bathing suit I bought 2 years ago (it still had the tags on it); it felt so good, and relaxing, to sit in the spa. Afterward we headed over to the pool and swam for about an hour. I liked that the pool was open till 11pm so we had time to enjoy it. My only gripe at the time was that it was a bit crowded, but what do you expect; it was a family hotel.

The next morning we woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, actually it was more like stiff, achy, and with bed head. Remember that the bed was a bit too hard for our tastes?  But the day was about to get better! Today we were going to take a train ride and finally see the Grand Canyon!

Tune in next week to learn more about the exciting adventures of Rodney the Hairy eared Rhino. There will be gun fights, horse thieves, a train robbery, and, oh yeah, a really BIG GIANT HOLE in the ground,  not to mention one of the best cocktails I have had in a while.

Next episode- The Grand Canyon!!!!!


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