and on the eigth day God created Duct Tape!

My favorite husband had to go to a friends house to take care of the cats and dragged me along to go help him out and keep him company. He said he missed me and wanted to spend some time with me.  I got dressed and grabbed my purse and was about to head out the door when I noticed something strange in my purse.

Jule: Hey, there is duct tape in my purse!?! ( a big roll of duct tape)

Chris: (with a smile and a wink) Why yes there is!

Jule: (With a puzzled look on my face; I was trying to figure out what was going on.) The light bulb went off and I said Hey, were going to The Red Green Show!

I you haven’t heard of it The Red Green Show is a show about/for men that was filmed for the Canadian version of PBS.  Well, it is about men for men but really makes fun of men but… Err. Well, it seems to be  life observations by a pretty funny guy. He also invents these great Rube Goldberg machines out of old cars, washing machines, vans, boats, and duct tape; Lots and lots of duct tape…

Most of the show is a monologue by the main character. Funny stories abound about the strange things people do in Canada, which can be quite strange and very entertaining. It is centered around the fictional  “Possum Lodge” and even has a motto and the “Man’s Prayer” : “I am a man, but I can change if I have to, I guess.”  It was a brilliant long running spoof (300 episodes!) of outdoorsy type man shows and is worth a look. Even cooler, all of the episodes can be viewed for free on the website.

When asked by his brother to describe the character and genre of the show my husband replied: “Its just… Canadian, very Canadian. You just have to watch it for yourself.”  On that I would have to agree.



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