Battle of the Beauty Boxes – Beauty Army

So last month I signed up for two beauty box subscriptions, Birch Box and Beauty Army. For a subscription fee I receive a box in the mail each month filled with designer beauty products. This is a great way to try out new products with minimal investment.

Yesterday I reviewed the box I received from Birch Box. I was happy with my subscription and feel I really got my money’s worth. Today I will review the box I received from Beauty Army. Here is the original post. 

Beauty Army

Subscription:  $12 per month (no extra fees for shipping and handling)

Something that is nice about Beauty Army is that each month you are given the opportunity to pick what samples you would like to receive, you are shown 9 products and are allowed to choose the 6 that you want.  My first month I don’t feel I was given much of a selection. I don’t remember all of my choices  but I remember being disappointed. I figured this was my first month and perhaps the choices will get better. (Sorry for the bad pictures, I am still learning how to use my camera)

When I received the box I was very excited. It is a very nice black box lined with pink camouflage paper.  The box itself is a nice decorator item. I opened it up peeled back a layer of black tissue paper then a layer of pink. Everything was packaged so nicely, I couldn’t wait to see inside. Boy was I disappointed. That’s it? They samples were really just small samples, something I could get for free if I went to a department store make up counter.  I hadn’t remembered what I had selected but I was surprised that I selected 2 perfumes.  Below are the products I received and my reviews.

Young Blood Mineral Primer  – Youngblood’s Mineral Primer is the perfect all-over primer for flawless make-up application and skin rejuvenation. The light-weight, silky formula is packed with vitamins and minerals that smooth the appearance of fine lines and pores creating an even surface for foundation. This colourless base helps enhance the performance of makeup through the day while providing intense skin protection.  1 oz $41.00

This was actually the  best thing in the entire box the sample size was o.1 oz which is a little over a teaspoon. It doesn’t sound like much but you need so little of the product That it will probably last about 30 days or more. I like using a primer as it helps to control oil and helps your foundation go on smoothly. I like the added bonus of helping with fine lines and wrinkles. A girl needs all the help she can get.  I am enjoying this product and would probably purchase it again.

Control Corrective Anti-Wrinkle Face & Neck. For all skin types showing advanced signs of aging.  This advanced cocktail  of high performance ingredients helps stimulate collagen synthesis – thereby easing the look of fine lines, deeper wrinkles and textural irregularity – while promoting smooth, even pigment and tone. $96 for 2 oz

Good face creams can be very expensive, the sample size only has about 3 applications which is not enough to determine if it works or not. I find that it has a strange smell it is not strong, sort of medicated. The cream doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, it actually feels nice on my skin but for For $96 it should include a mini face lift.  Personally I will stick with my Oil of Olay.

Aquolina Pink Sugar EDT Natural Spray – Two drops of perfume and the world is tinted pink. Pink is the color of femininity, sweetness and passion. Pink is the color of emotions, of sensuality and indulgent innocence. Pink Sugar is a cloud of sweetness that lasts long on the skin.A unique olfactory experience interlacing fantasy and reality. The encounter of femininity and inner childhood. The earliest memories in life are also the most addictive. Nostalgia of cotton candy tinted with gourmand raspberry, tickled by the greenness of fig leaf, and lifted by the citrus notes of bergamot and Sicilian orange. $45 for 1.7 oz.

Not a bad perfume if you want to smell like a confection. The description was spot on when compared it to cotton candy. It smells good but I found myself craving dessert. Use this and you will smell good enough to eat.

Yuko Bella Shampoo and Conditioner– A gental shampoo that utilizes a blend of natural plant extracts to gently cleanse the hair and scalp while restoring moisture to the hair for a smoother and healthier shine.  Not listed on web site.

I find it strange that I am sent a sample but then cannot find the product on the web site. I did try this shampoo and it was shampoo. It washed my hair. I didn’t notice any great difference. I actually prefer my Dove conditioner and think I get better results.

Lucy B – Wild Jasmine eau de parfume – Top notes of pineapple and white ginger play with middle notes of wild jasmine. Bottom notes of water lily and magnolia. Infused with natural flower essences.  $48 for 3.34 oz.

I received a typical sample vial of this perfume. Jasmine is one of my favorite scents and I was excited to try this. I found it to be a nice light scent. I could smell the water lily more than the jasmine. I found it very pleasing, reminding me of a cool summer day.

Fiafini – Divine Hydration Moisturizer – A hydrating and healing moisturizer that firms, minimizes wrinkles, and restores elasticity.  $38.50

Like the lotion above it is really hard to judge a lotion on such a small sample. There are about 3 applications in the sample. This was a little heavier than the Control Corrective and I must say the price is much more appealing. It also had an interesting scent. Not bad but not appealing either.

I mentioned I was disappointed in the sample sizes, when I made my selection for July I noticed that a description of the sample size I would receive was listed an pictured so I should have paid more attention. I decided to give Beauty Army another month in the hopes that some of my choices get better. I really would like to see more make- up and variations in my choices. So far it is mostly skin care and perfume. While I love sampling skin care products, I don’t wear perfume so would prefer something else.

Beauty Army does have a referral and review system where you can receive discounts on future products. There are also discounts for your subscription anniversary, the longer you are with them the higher the discount. Their web site is a bit plain and they don’t offer the tips, and videos that I find on Birch Box. There is also the difference in price. It isn’t much but with Birch Box I feel I got more than the price of my subscription. With Beauty Army I don’t feel I got my money’s worth. As mentioned the sample sizes I received I can get something equivalent from any beauty counter at a department store. If I were to choose only 1 company between Beauty Army and Birch Box it would be hand down Birch Box at this point.

If you are interested in trying out either Beauty Army

or Birch Box

for yourself please use these links so I can receive credit for referring someone. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Coming soon! July’s Beauty Boxes.


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