Fitness Challenge – Update

So just an update to let you know how this months fitness challenge is going. – Not well, but I am not going to let it get me down.

Thursday and Friday were big back to school meetings/in-services etc. It was non-stop running around for me. In case you don’t know a big part of my job is to provide support and training to our teachers. I have teachers at 7 different high schools and 1 adult campus.  Thursday was our fall in-service and Friday was our new teacher training workshop.

I was so busy running around introducing, networking, and visiting with the teachers on Thursday that I did not take my break and take my morning walk. Afterwards, I was so crazy busy preparing for the next days workshop that by the time I got home I just flopped in bed.  The next day, crazy nervous about the workshop I skipped morning yoga to get to school early and set up. Missed my morning break/walk again.

During those two days I was running (well ok walking) non stop from room to room, moving and setting up so I feel I did get some type of workout, just not what I would have liked.  Over those two days I ended up doing something to my knee and on Friday I had to go home early and get off my feet.  I now have been taking it easy and doing my best to keep weight off of it.

Great just a week in and I am already injured.  I am not letting it stop me though. I got a knee brace and am going to get back into my daily walk. I will just go slower and take it easy.

But instead of dwelling on my failures I want to focus on my successes. Even though it has only been 5 days.

1. I have not had any soda.

2. I have not eaten any fast food.

3. I have drunk my 3 glasses of water or more each day.

4. I have taken time to read instead of playing on the computer or watching TV.

So I think I am still doing pretty good.  Next week I am going to focus on nutrition and start looking for some healthy recipes to share with you.  You can look forward to BLT Salad,  BBQ Lentils, and perhaps another freezer meal or two.

Remember the road to fitness and health starts with the first step, take it slow and easy for a life long change.


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