No Pain No gain- Back to the gym no excuses!

So last Friday somehow I tweaked my knee which was totally blowing my goal of walking for a minimum of 15 minutes a day. It was actually so bad that I spent most of my weekend in bed. It just hurt too much to stand or walk for more than 5 minutes.

Contrary to the 80’s myth of no pain no gain, pain is your body’s way of saying don’t do that.  If you don’t believe me just go ask your mom. Tell her it hurts when you do this (Move some part of your body) and in the great wisdom that all moms possess she will say “Then don’t do that”

When working out or doing any type of activity you need to listen to your body. There is good pain and bad pain. Good pain comes when you push yourself and have a good work out.  The next day, you wake up and are a bit stiff but in some strange way it actually feels good.  When you push yourself too hard though you will get bad pain, this is soreness that prevents you from moving something without flinching and/or screaming in agony.

When working out you need to find a good balance, push yourself to the limit but not to the point of injuring yourself.  This point is something only you can define but in all honesty very few of us actually push ourselves as far as we can go. We often make excuses or just give up without really even trying. So this week I encourage all of you to try something new and to push your selves just a bit harder, further, faster. Set a goal and try to achieve it.

Meanwhile just because my knee is out doesn’t mean I stop trying to work out. Yesterday we decided to go back to the gym and I tried to do the elliptical, made it about 5 minutes before I just couldn’t take the pain then moved to the bike, I last about 10 minutes there and was about to give up. Then I started thinking about all the excuses I have made over my life and have heard from other people.  I would often avoid the gym by saying my feet hurt, I’m too tired, it’s too early/late and a million more. It is time to stop making excuses so after the bike when I was about to give up I started thinking it is only my knee that hurts, there is nothing stopping me from getting a good upper body workout, in fact if you do lighter weights and increase reps you can actually get a good cardio workout. So this is what I did yesterday. There is no excuse for not doing something. Now today as I type this I can feel that good soreness in my chest and arms telling me I got a good workout. In the mornings I am still doing my yoga and at work I take shorter slower walks with a knee brace so that I get up from my desk and at least move.

So stop making excuses, get up off you butt and move something!


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