I am fat girl!

Hello my name is Jule, and I am a fat girl. I am not voluptuous. I am not extra curvy. I am a fat girl and I am not happy about it.  In order to lose weight and to make a change in my life I need to come to terms with that. My husband, bless his heart, insists I am not fat, I am just very curvy and that he loves me. My friends think I am fine. Co-workers say I look good and I am tall. No, I am a fat girl. People love me for who I am and they appreciate me but I am not happy with me and in the end isn’t that what counts?

I am a fat girl and I take responsibility for that. Every ounce of fat on my body is there because of a twinkie, cupcake, or peanut butter cup that I put in my mouth. It is not my mother’s fault, my father’s fault, my friends or family. While I do agree genetics, upbringing, tragedy, accidents, trauma, and disease can all play a part in a person’s weight, ultimately, I decided to eat that box of hostess snack cakes and wash it down with a large Mountain Dew.

I am tired of people not taking responsibility for their actions. How can we get better and change if we do not take responsibility? Being fat is my choice, it is not a good choice but I chose not to exercise, I chose not to eat healthy, I chose to binge, I chose to not learn about myself and make better choices.

This month all that is changing, I am choosing to change and to make my life better. I may not always make the right choices, I may be weak and give in, but hey that is my choice so don’t judge me. I will live with the consequences and work on making better choices the next day.

Today I chose to be a skinny girl! 



3 thoughts on “I am fat girl!

  1. jule, i think being healthy is more important than being skinny. you know what to do, eat fresh alive foods, no processed…water, count your blessings, smile, laugh, and hug your love ones..

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