Bi-Weekly Fitness Check in!

So it has been 15 days since I declared this national Fitness Month. How is everyone doing?  I thought it only fair that I report on my progress.

I love the picture below,  to me it represents my fitness plan. One step at a time, one piece at a time and together we will achieve success!

My goals for this month were:

  1. Drink 3-4 glasses of water a day (12 oz. each) I have increased my water and at times have exceeded this goal. In fact I find myself less hungry because I drink about ½ a glass before I eat and keep a full glass of water near me as much as possible. On the plus side, my skin looks so much better, no blemishes and it has more of a healthy glow instead of the tired sallow look I am used to.
  2. Stop drinking all forms of soda. I have had no soda at all! But sadly I have been drinking energy drinks to make up for my need for caffeine. This week I am fighting the urge and drinking caffeinated tea and more water.
  3. No fast food restaurants (Any establishment with a drive through) Success! I have not eaten at any fast food restaurants. In fact I have even cut down eating out.
  4. Increase vegetable intake – eat 3 salads a week (I currently eat almost zero vegetables) This one is not so good, I think I have only eaten 2 salads this month but have some cool ideas I am working on to increase my salads.
  5. Take my morning break at work and walk for 10 minutes. I am about at 90% with this. Someday I get so caught up I forget to take my break but I notice a big difference in my energy, stamina, and productivity when I take my breaks.
  6. Wake up early and do 15 minutes of yoga each morning. I would say I am at about 90% on this goal also. I also notice a big difference in my day when I get a good morning workout. It is just hard to break the old habits of trying to sleep in as much as I can.
  7. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week or some other activity. I am averaging 2 times a week on this one, need to set a schedule and work on increasing my gym visits.
  8. Make a healthy meal twice a week. Nailed it! Taking turns cooking and making enough for leftovers helped me easily achieve this goal
  9. Read at least 30 minutes a day instead of playing on the computer. This one is easy, I have been doing a lot more reading but I still spend too much time on the computer. I need to schedule some type of intervention with Facebook.
  10. Try something new at least once a week. Completely failed this one but if I can step away from Facebook I can easily achieve this one.

Ultimate goal = lose 5 pounds a month, have more energy, and feel better.  So double nailed it. I have already lost the 5 pounds for the month! Yeah Baby! Doing my little happy dance, oh yeah!

So blog friends and family, how are you doing? What are your goals?  I wasn’t completely successful at everything but you can’t make sudden changes all at once. I am introducing new changes every week so that I can develop habits and be consistent. There will be setbacks but I am going to keep on trucking!


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