Do new things, don’t’ stop because it’s hard.

The first time I tried the elliptical machine at my gym, I found it awkward and difficult. I didn’t like it so I avoided the machine for a long time. I think the first time I only gave it 2 minutes before I decided I didn’t like it. In reality it was too difficult and made me feel awkward. I was self conscious and afraid of failing, so I didn’t try.

I tried out a few classes when I first joined a gym and I hated them. Everyone moved so fast, I felt that I couldn’t keep up. I thought people were laughing at the awkward white girl with no rhythm. Then I thought of advice I often told my students when I was trying to teach them a new skill and they got upset that they couldn’t do it as well or as easily as I did. I told them that I had been doing this for several years and had a lot of practice. I told them to think of a young child learning to walk or ride a bike. They stumble and fall several times but soon you are racing to keep up with them.  I went back to the classes and I started to not just watch the teacher but to watch the people around me. I saw that not all of them did the moves perfectly but that they kept moving and tried. I learned to adjust some of the moves to align with my fitness and beginner level. Then I started to enjoy myself.

Don’t be afraid to try new things but make sure you really give them chance before you give up. Don’t try something half-a**ed for 2 minutes then give up or decide you don’t like it because it is too hard. Life is hard, getting into shape is hard. But once you are there it will all be worth it.

Push yourself; learn to modify a workout if needed. Realize it won’t be perfect the first time but eventually it will get easier and better. The first time I got a gym membership, I would just play on the machines, I didn’t push myself, I didn’t know what I was doing, I was just playing around, then I got frustrated because I didn’t get any results. Hmmm wonder why.

Eventually I went back to the elliptical and decided that I wasn’t going to let it win. I tried it again and this time did 5 minutes, the next day I did 7 and so on, my top record is 60 minutes 650 calories. I kicked that machines behind!!!  I realized that when I said I didn’t like a machine or exercise it really meant that I needed to do it and work on it till I had mastered it.

When I really got serious about getting into shape and working out, I learned that I had failed so many times because I just gave up or I didn’t push myself. I had to learn to push myself and experiment. Find exercises that I enjoyed but be willing to experiment. Over the last three years I have learned I love to Zumba, Body Pump is  a great class. I enjoy step class but it is hard on my joints. Hiking is one of my favorites even if I am slow at it. I like free weights and the kettle ball over the weight machines but use them when I am feeling lazy. I would rather walk than ride a bike. I do better in classes than I do watching a video at home.

There is so much more, so tomorrow go out and try something new, do something different, leave me a comment below and let me know what you enjoy doing.


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