Yoga is not for sissy la la’s

Some of you may think that yoga is just a bunch of breathing and silly poses but I am here to tell you it is not! As my husband said after only 10 minutes “This yoga s**t is no joke.”  Several of the poses incorporate your entire body in order to hold the pose and not fall over. When I first started yoga many moons ago I was surprised at how hard it was and felt like I had gotten a great workout.

I was lucky enough to find a great teacher who taught me the most important part of yoga is the breathing. You need to really focus on the inhale and exhale to get the full benefits. If you are having trouble breathing then you need to ease up on the pose. She took great care to explain the poses and to direct you when to inhale and exhale. Sadly (for me, happy for her) she was pregnant and left on maternity leave shortly after I started yoga.

Unfortunatly, I have found that many people who teach yoga do not take the time to teach you to breath. I swear some only know 2-3 poses and make you do them over and over again. If you don’t like yoga the first time, try another class or teacher. You will feel awkward and out of shape at first but I promise if you do a little every day, in a week you will start to see vast improvement.

As part of my new healthy lifestyle fitness goals I have been trying to do yoga for at least 10 minutes a day. More if there is time. This goal was even harder than giving up soda and fast food because I am so not a morning person and will make any excuse to sleep in an extra 30 seconds.

I wanted to do my yoga in the morning as a way to help me wake up and to energize myself for the day. The the plan was to then go for a walk or hit the gym in the evening.  Since I am too lazy to get up extra early for a morning class I decided to just use the internet to find some good videos that will walk me through some basic poses.

I found a great video on called Yoga Zone – Introduction to Yoga This video is an hour long but I only do the first 10-20 minutes in the morning. The first few minutes are a great wake up as you are taught to breath. I love this part because it allows me to slowly wake up before jumping right into something. The first poses, potted palm, have done wonders for my back. The video talks about ways to modify the poses to help those who are not as flexible.  I love listing to Alan finger as he reminds me to inhale and exhale but at times his voice can get a bit creepy. His descriptions of the poses are very clear and easy to understand, he also talks about ways to modify the poses if you are not as strong or flexible.

They have several other yoga videos that include morning and evening workouts, fat burning and back strengthening workouts just to name a few.  I suggest you start with the introduction try it a few times to get the breathing and basic poses down, then try the other videos.

I go to work, feeling more energetic and awake when I take 10 minutes to do this work out.  The only drawback with watching it on Hulu is that there are commercials. When they come on they tend to break my concentration and the mood but I can’t complain because it is free. If you like the workout you can purchase the DVD’s through Amazon, just click on the link – Yoga Zone – Introduction to Yoga


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