I Survived Fitness Month!

Yeah! I survived fitness month! I didn’t do as well as I wanted but then I had set several goals that I wanted to accomplish. I didn’t succeed in everything but the main idea is that what I did succeed in was making long lasting healthy changes to my lifestyle.

So lets focus on my success this month.

1. I gave up fast food. OK This week I succumbed to temptation and ate one hamburger from Jack in the box. Just a hamburger, no soda and no fries so I am calling this a success.

2. No soda the entire month. At times this was hard but I did it.

3. Give up Monster energy drinks. About halfway through the month I decided to give these up. I think this was one of the hardest decisions. I still crave them but have switched to tea and vegetable smoothies instead.

4. Increased water intake. I am surprised at how easy this was just by always making sure I had a pitcher of fruit flavored water in the fridge and by keeping a full glass on my desk.

5. Yoga in the morning. While I haven’t done yoga every morning I averaged 4 days a week which is a big improvement over the month before which included very little physical activity.

6. Increased vegetable intake. Vegetables are my nemesis and I struggle to eat any but I am eating about 2 servings a day of healthy vegetables. I know it is not enough but it is a start.

7. Lost 5 pounds.  You may not think that 5 pounds in 1 month is much but I think it is fantastic.

Now that a new month has started I am going to keep increasing my fitness goals until I am as healthy as I can be.  If you remember from last month I mentioned baby steps, make small changes in your life that will eventually add up to major lifestyle changes.

That is all for now! I am off to the gym, need to work on the next 5 pounds.

Please share your health/fitness/life successes in the comments section, I would love to hear them.


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