Fast and Easy- Semi- Homemade Meat Sauce

I came home today, hot, tired, and not really wanting to cook a big meal. I also didn’t want to give into the fast food temptation or spend money eating out. So I scavenged through my cupboards and decided to make spaghetti.

I had some left over wild boar sausage that the Most Interesting Man in the World brought back for me on one of his expeditions. There was a ton left over from a BBQ so it was already cooked. I sliced it and sauted in in my dutch oven with a bit of oil.  You can really use any type of meat since most of you probably don’t have wild boar on hand but if you do try it, it turned out great. Vegetarian? Just skip the meat and add some chopped grated veggies.

Wild boar is very lean so there was no fat to drain off but if you use hamburger drain the fat, just leave the blacked crunchy bits that are stuck to the bottom of the pan, this adds great flavor to the sauce. Dutch ovens are great because you end up with more of these crunchy bits and they tend to brown the meat better than a non stick pan. They are great pans and worth the investment.

Then add a jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce. My favorite is Spicy Red Pepper by Classico. I like the spicy flavor. Then add a can of chopped tomatoes. I prefer the fire roasted tomatoes but I didn’t have any in my cupboard. I like the texture of the chopped tomatoes and think it gives the sauce a fresher flavor. If you have some fresh tomatoes in your fridge, chop them and and throw them in too.


I then added about 1 tsp each of  dried oregano and basil and 3 crushed garlic cloves.  This is really to taste. Let the sauce simmer for about 15 minutes. taste the sauce and add salt and pepper if needed. Sometimes I will also add some red pepper flakes but the canned sauce had enough spice so I didn’t need them.

Sneak in some veggies. This is a great recipe to sneak in some healthy vegetables.

  • Saute some onion with the meat.  Onions are a great source of fiber and may help reduce blood pressure.
  • Chop up some broccoli very fine ( use a food processor) and mix in, no one will know they are eating a healthy green vegetable.
  • Grate in some carrots. Great source of vitamin A .
  • Try grated cauliflower, finely chopped spinach, or greater zucchini.

Serve over noodles with a glass of wine and enjoy.

I prefer sobo noodles but any type of past will do, you can even use quinoa or if the sauce is thick enough (let it simmer longer and reduce) serve it on bread or hamburger buns like sloppy joes.


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