Pure Evil in a Jar

Have you heard of Biscof? If you haven’t you are so missing out. I first read about it on a blog by Susie Freaking Homemaker. After reading the blog about Biscoff Banana Bread, I was intrigued and made a mental note to look for the product. Then fate sent me a 15% off coupon for Cost Plus World Market, while perusing the aisles for something exotic to try I found this magical evil little jar.

Basically this is ground up cookies that are mixed to the consistency of peanut butter, or I should say cookie butter. What could be more delicious?  This creamy nectar is so delicious I almost ate the entire jar with a spoon. No joke, I couldn’t stop eating it. This is where the evil comes in. I find this is great on bagels, I melted it over some warm apple bread pudding, on toast, and my favorite, straight out of the jar. If you visit the official Biscoff website  you can find some amazing recipes and the history behind for this bit of heaven. This wonder spread out does Nutella with its deliciousness. Oh man imagine if Nutella was swirled with Biscoff? You got your Nutella in my Biscoff!  I think my taste buds just exploded at the idea.

So While I was licking any remnants out of the jar I thought perhaps I should read the label. I am so sad to say this product has no redeeming nutritional value what so ever. Evil, I tell you, pure evil. Nom, Nom, Nom.


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