A Tale of Two Salad Dressings

Yesterday I wrote about a delicious Spinach Berry Salad I made and wanted to take a moment to talk about the salad dressing I chose and the importance of reading food labels.


Since I started my healthy lifestyle change I have been taking the time to make more conscious decisions on haw and what I eat so I started reading and comparing labels and have been so shocked by what I have learned.

I wanted a light, low fat dressing that was healthy. After reading several bottles I narrowed it down to two choices.

 Annies Naturals Fat Free Raspberry Balsamic  and Kens Fat Free Raspberry Pecan 

Now normally I try to stay away from fat free, low calorie food because I know they make up the difference by adding chemicals, strange things, more fat for less sugar or more sugar for less fat. Salt, and God knows what. I feel in the long run a little healthy fat is better for you than strange chemicals.

Here are pictures of each dressing, sorry for the poor photography, I was using my cell phone and getting strange looks from other customers.

When reading labels the first thing you want to look at is the serving size. Make sure they are the same so that you are comparing the same information. Some manufactures reduce the serving size to make it appear they have fewer calories but if you compare equal amounts it is not always the case.

Here is what I found. Both products have a serving size of 2 tablespoons, neither have any notable nutritional value, neither had any fat.

Kens had 50 calories per serving and Annies had 30 calories. That was a significant difference. Kens had 280 mg of sodium (12% of the recomended daily intake) Annies had 10mg) Major difference!!!

Then I looked at the ingredients.

Kens: water, high fructose corn syrup, cider vinegar, sugar, cucumber juice, maltodextin, salt, Less than 2% of red raspberry juice, pecans, potassium sorbate, calcium disodium, EDTA, xanthan gum, carrageenan, onion, spice, lemon juice concentrate, garlic, natural and artificial flavor, Red #40, Blue #1

So basically it is sweet, salty, chemical water???

Annies: water, balsamic vinegar, can sugar, raspberry concentrate, distilled white vinegar, xanthan gum, raspberry flavor, sea salt.

Now except for the xanthan gum, I recognize and can pronounce all of these ingredients.

Sorry Ken, Annie is the clear winner in this round.

Ken did win one round in this battle though and that was in price. Ken was on sale for $3.59 for 16 oz while Annie was $4.29 for 8 ounces but you can purchase it online for $2.99. Still when I compare the list of ingredients, Annie is still the clear winner.

As for taste, I cannot comment on Ken’s but Annie had a nice light flavor just the right amount of sweetness and tart that makes a good vinaigrette. The dressing was a great compliment to my Spinach Berry Salad.





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