Today was a good day because I woke up.


Today is a good day because I woke up


Somewhere a woman woke up and said today is a good day because last night I was safe.

A man woke up and said today is a good day because I have a new job and can feed my family

A mom woke up and said today is a good day because I have food for my children

A man with MS woke up and said today is a good day because I can still walk

A mom woke up and said today is a good day because my autistic child talked to  me

A dad woke up and said today is a good day because he son was out of re-hab and going to graduate.

A grandmother woke up and said today is a good day because I can see my great grandchild for the first time.

A grandchild woke up and said today is a good day because I get to hug my grandfather.

A husband woke up and said today is a good day because my wife was feeling better after her chemo.


Today I woke up and was feeling tired, and cranky, my back hurt, the cats made a mess in the bathroom, and there was traffic that made me late for work. While sitting in traffic I started thinking about all the things I needed to do, and the things I didn’t accomplish, all the things I failed at.  Then I thought. Today is a good day because I woke up.

I realized that every morning I wake up I have a  loving husband, a nice house, a good job, a warm bed, purring cats. I realized that having a good day was about your attitude and having a good or bad day was a choice.  I could have choose to focus on all the negative things or I could choose to focus on all the positive things. We can’t always control what happens to us but we can choose how re react and handle bad situations. Today I choose to not let all the negative things bring me down, today I choose to have a good day.


Today was a good day because I got to work safely,

Today was a good day because I made a friend laugh.

Today was a good day because I made a stranger feel good.

Today was a good day because I helped a co-worker.

Today was a good day because I choose to have a good day.


Today I woke up and it was a good day. 


I Survived Fitness Month!

Yeah! I survived fitness month! I didn’t do as well as I wanted but then I had set several goals that I wanted to accomplish. I didn’t succeed in everything but the main idea is that what I did succeed in was making long lasting healthy changes to my lifestyle.

So lets focus on my success this month.

1. I gave up fast food. OK This week I succumbed to temptation and ate one hamburger from Jack in the box. Just a hamburger, no soda and no fries so I am calling this a success.

2. No soda the entire month. At times this was hard but I did it.

3. Give up Monster energy drinks. About halfway through the month I decided to give these up. I think this was one of the hardest decisions. I still crave them but have switched to tea and vegetable smoothies instead.

4. Increased water intake. I am surprised at how easy this was just by always making sure I had a pitcher of fruit flavored water in the fridge and by keeping a full glass on my desk.

5. Yoga in the morning. While I haven’t done yoga every morning I averaged 4 days a week which is a big improvement over the month before which included very little physical activity.

6. Increased vegetable intake. Vegetables are my nemesis and I struggle to eat any but I am eating about 2 servings a day of healthy vegetables. I know it is not enough but it is a start.

7. Lost 5 pounds.  You may not think that 5 pounds in 1 month is much but I think it is fantastic.

Now that a new month has started I am going to keep increasing my fitness goals until I am as healthy as I can be.  If you remember from last month I mentioned baby steps, make small changes in your life that will eventually add up to major lifestyle changes.

That is all for now! I am off to the gym, need to work on the next 5 pounds.

Please share your health/fitness/life successes in the comments section, I would love to hear them.

I want to be a skinny girl

I want to expand on a comment I received on Friday on my post “I’m a Fat Girl”  My good friend commented “Jule, I think being healthy is more important than being skinny” Being healthy is what is most important, but I am not healthy, I don’t look healthy or feel healthy.

Let me clarify what I mean by saying “I want to be a skinny girl”. I mean I want to lose weight; I want to be healthy and feel good about myself. I do not want to look like an anorexic model or twig but I want to feel good and feel comfortable about myself. I am not advocating a crash diet or extreme measures. I am taking it one day at a time, taking small baby steps, trying to develop healthy habits that will last a life time and a benefit of these changes will be weight loss.

Genetically I am lucky that I naturally have low blood pressure and low cholesterol but there are many more health issues that being overweight contributes to:  I now snore like an old steam train, I suffer from sleep apnea and heart burn. My joints hurt, I get winded walking across the room, and I have no stamina. My weight and health is keeping me from doing the things I want to do and enjoying life.

The journey I am on is not just about losing weight if it was I would just go get liposuction, this journey is about becoming healthy in both my mind and body. Part of this journey is accepting my part in how I am and how I want to be.

I am a smart, beautiful, intelligent person, and am surrounded by wonderful friends and family who love and accept me no matter what my weight is. But I do not feel healthy and happy and making these life style changes are part of my journey.

Fitness Challenge – Update

So just an update to let you know how this months fitness challenge is going. – Not well, but I am not going to let it get me down.

Thursday and Friday were big back to school meetings/in-services etc. It was non-stop running around for me. In case you don’t know a big part of my job is to provide support and training to our teachers. I have teachers at 7 different high schools and 1 adult campus.  Thursday was our fall in-service and Friday was our new teacher training workshop.

I was so busy running around introducing, networking, and visiting with the teachers on Thursday that I did not take my break and take my morning walk. Afterwards, I was so crazy busy preparing for the next days workshop that by the time I got home I just flopped in bed.  The next day, crazy nervous about the workshop I skipped morning yoga to get to school early and set up. Missed my morning break/walk again.

During those two days I was running (well ok walking) non stop from room to room, moving and setting up so I feel I did get some type of workout, just not what I would have liked.  Over those two days I ended up doing something to my knee and on Friday I had to go home early and get off my feet.  I now have been taking it easy and doing my best to keep weight off of it.

Great just a week in and I am already injured.  I am not letting it stop me though. I got a knee brace and am going to get back into my daily walk. I will just go slower and take it easy.

But instead of dwelling on my failures I want to focus on my successes. Even though it has only been 5 days.

1. I have not had any soda.

2. I have not eaten any fast food.

3. I have drunk my 3 glasses of water or more each day.

4. I have taken time to read instead of playing on the computer or watching TV.

So I think I am still doing pretty good.  Next week I am going to focus on nutrition and start looking for some healthy recipes to share with you.  You can look forward to BLT Salad,  BBQ Lentils, and perhaps another freezer meal or two.

Remember the road to fitness and health starts with the first step, take it slow and easy for a life long change.

First Blog Post

I have been thinking about starting a blog for awhile, I even came up with some really brilliant ideas and blog posts. All of which came to me while I was at the gym, in the shower, or on a long walk. All the places that I come up with my most brilliant ideas but never have a pencil handy. In fact I think have a pencil or other writing implement handy somehow inhibits the creative process.

I started thinking of creating a blog because I have so many wonderful ideas, experiences, and SO much good advice to share and a blog is a great way to reach the masses. After all I do know the answers to everything and if more people would just do what I say the world would be so much better? I know many of you have felt that way yourselves. See brilliant minds do think alike.

So I started to do some research on blogs and specifically on how to make money doing it. Why shouldn’t I make money if I can? People pay good money for a lot less, and heck we have already established that I know what is best. One of the key components is that you have to write about something you are compassionate about. Something you love. Some other advice was to keep it simple and in one area, this is hard because I have so much I want to share and so much about me is interesting, well at least I think so. Since I have so many interests and am not a expert in any of them I thought I would write on my newest passion/addiction Pinterest.

I know many of you have heard of Pinterest but for those who are not sure what it is I will explain. Pinterest is an online cork board where you “pin” pictures of things you like, are interested in, find funny, want to do, or just want to share. Remember way back when you used to copy or cut out pictures in a magazine and stick them on your corkboard? Or you would organize them in neat little notebooks that you never looked at again? Well that is what Pinterest is, except I got tired of clipping and pinning and not doing anything so I decided to start trying/doing some of the things that I have pinned.

So this blog will be comprised of cool things from Pinterest or from my large collection of magazine clippings that have been gathering dust for years. I will have blog posts on my adventures, cool books I have read, thinks I like to cook/bake, cool ideas for entertaining, restaurants, crafts, fitness, and anything else that I find interesting. I hope that you also enjoy some of my adventures and mishaps.